List of Rajput Clans and Vansh

There are three main branches or origin of Rajputs. Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, and Agnivanshi. The Suryavanshi was originated from Surya, the Hindu sun god. The chandravanshi was originated from chandra. Chandravanshi is also called as Lunar dynasty. The Suryavanshi was originated from surya, the Hindu sun god.
The chandravanshi was originated from Chandra. Chandravanshi is also called as Lunar dynasty.

Yaduvanshi and Puruvanshi are sub-branch of the Chandravanshi lineage. Lord Krishna was born a Yaduvanshi. The Kauravs and Pandavs of the epic poem Mahabharata were Puruvanshi. Yaduvanshi and Puruvanshi are sub-branch of the Chandravanshi lineage. Lord Krishna was born a Yaduvanshi. The Kauravs and Pandavs of the epic poem Mahabharata were Puruvanshi.

The Agnivanshi was originated from Agni, the Hindu god of fire. Each of these vansh divided into different clans, here is list of some of them clans-The Agnivanshi was originated from agni, the hindu god of fire. Each of these vansh divided into different clans, here is list of some of them clans ⇒

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List of Rajput Clans and Vansh

Suryavanshi ⇒


Suryavanshi Rajput

  • Bargujar → Kashmir to Gujarat and Maharashtra Bargujar
  • Sikarwar → Madhya Pradesh
  • Jamwal → Jammu and Kashmir
  • Tomar, Tanwar, Tuar- Northern India
  • Guhilot → Kathiawar
  • Sisodia → Mewar
  • Ranawat
  • Chundawat
  • Sangawat
  • Sarangdevot
  • Kachwaha → Alwar, Amber, Jaipur
  • Kalyanot
  • Rajawat
  • Shekhawat
  • Jasrotia
  • Pundir
  • Rathore → Marwar, Jangladesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh
  • Champawat
  • Dhandhul Bhadail (Rathore) Jodha
  • Khokhar
  • Kumpawat
  • Jaitawat

Chandravanshi ⇒


Chandravanshi Rajput

  • Bhati
  • Bundela
  • Chandela
  • Chavda
  • Dahiya
  • Katoch
  • Jhala
  • Jadeja
  • Sarvaiya
  • Jadeja
  • Banaphar
  • Pathania

Agnivanshi ⇒


Agnivanshi Rajput

  • Chauhan
  • Deora
  • Hada
  • Bhadauria
  • Khichi
  • Songara-gujrat
  • Solanki
  • Baghel
  • Parmar
  • Mori
  • Sodha
  • Sankhla
  • Pratihara
  • Inda

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  1. In your article I am not finding “Raghuwanshi”, a part of “Suryavansh” and details are available in Ramayan of Maharshi Valmiki, Ram Charit Manas of Shri Sant Tulsi Das and Shri Raghuwansham of Mahakavi Kalidas. Now a days Raghuwanshis are found in 60 to 70 percent part of India ( They may be rare on many parts of India but spreaded in MP, UP, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan and other hindi zones, also in some locations of south, but it is requested to analyse the case and try correction in this document. Thanks.

    • I think you do not know about this but let me explain Raghuvanshi and Rana both claim themselves to be the descendant of Lord Rama so they both are same only difference is that after fall of Maharana Pratap some of his family members along with other rajput clans shift from rajasthan to up, mp etc. and to show themselves different from Rana they started using title Raghuvanshi.

  2. Kerala (Chera) Rajput is missing in Chander Vanshi Lineage. The Chera dynasty which is also known as Kerala Putra later named as Kerala, was an ancient dynasty in India, ruling over an area corresponding to modern-day western Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The word Kerala is first recorded (as Kerala Putra) in a 3rd-century BCE rock inscription (Rock Edict 2) left by the Maurya emperor Ashoka (274–237 BCE). Further references can be found in many history book. Few of them are as follow,
    1- History of South Hind by Mehmod Banglori
    2- History of Hind by Mela Ram Chada Jalalpuri
    3- A History of India by Micheal Adward
    4- Tarikh Farishta by Qasim Farishta

  3. I am from Bhundela and its present in your list but just wanna thank you for this initiative brother, Keep up the good work.If you get any details about Bundela just post it.

  4. I love Rajsthan , Rajputs , yhe great bhumi in the world , jaha raja paida hote hai use rajsthan kahte hai . plz connect with me & collect in whole worlds rajput s . ……. dil se fir se Rajput Sarkar ……. Jay maa aashapura ji jay ho …..

    • No they both are kacchawahas having same gotra manavya .
      Its brother relationship as they are the deacendents of same .

  5. wat is the difference between Sirdaar Rajput and Bhomiya Rajput in Rajasthan.. let me know if anybody knows the exact answer….and about Dahiya Rajput

  6. i belong to khokhar clan as i know khokhar clan belong to rathor clan there was in rathor vansh a raja son name in 13th century khokhra ji all khokhars belong to him but it ok its now a very big clan in india and pakistan you put it separately in suryavansh thats ok people can understand where they belong nice information thanks

  7. चंद्रवंशिय मराठा राजा चंद्रराव मोरे ( मौर्य ) राजा जावळी, सातारा जिल्हा, महाराष्ट्र. राज विस्तार – सोलवी सदि मे कोकण प्रांत ( रायगड जिल्हा, रत्नागिरी जिल्हा, सिंधुदुर्ग जिल्हा, सातारा जिल्हा )
    चंद्रवंशिय सम्राट चंन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य के वंशज. छत्रपती महाराज शिवाजी राजे भोसले जी के जन्म पुर्व इनका राज था. उन्होने ईस्लामिक हल्लावरोसे ईस प्रदेश का रक्षण किया. राजा शंकरराव मोरे जीनोने बहमनि सम्राज के वजिर महम्मद गवान और उसकी 15,000 पठानोको ऐक रात मे गनिमी कावा ( गोरिला वॉर ) युद्ध प्रणाली का उपयोग करके सिर्फ 700 सैनिकोकी सहाय्यतासे मारडाला था. ये युद्ध शिवाजी महाराज के जन्म के 150 वर्ष पूर्व हुवा था. बादमे छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज के स्वराज्य निर्माण कार्य के वक्त उन्होने ये राज जित लिया. उस वक्त ये राज अदिलशाही सुलतान के मान्डलीक राज था.

  8. सूर्यवंशिय मराठा (दशरथपुत्र प्रभु रामचंद्र जी के वंशज )-
    1. शिंदे ( सिंदिया, ग्वाल्हेर )
    2. कदम
    3. भोसले ( भोसला, मुल राजस्थानी )
    4. घाटगे
    5. चव्हाण ( मुल राजस्थान )
    6. विचारे
    7. थोरात
    8. पवार ( धार, मध्य प्रदेश )
    9. दळवी
    10. महाडीक
    11. राणे ( राणा )
    12. सुर्वे
    13. सांळुखे

    चंद्रवंशिय मराठा ( भगवान कृष्ण और पांडवोंके वंशज)

    1. मोरे ( मौर्य, सम्राट चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य के वंशज, कश्मिर )
    2. मोहिते
    3. गायकवाड ( बडोदा, गुजराथ )
    4. यादव – जाधव
    5. जगदाळे
    6. माने

    येये सब मिलकर ९६ घराने है. इसलिये मराठोंको ९६ कुली (कुळी) मराठा केहेते है.

    • Chhonker rajput are main clan of karauli state.I don’t know how these people .I mean admin. Of is carrying it..

  9. Im a warrior brahmin as per i studied about the kshatriyas and warrior brahmans we have same gotras of rishis like mine is bhardwaj so many agnivanshi rajput have gotra bhardwaj.. so the thing is the son of a great rishi who have power to hold the people and samrajya become kshatriya but he carries his gotra Becs his ancestors are great rishis.. so the thing is that kahina kahi brahmins or kshatriya ek hi hain u can read..

  10. I do not belong to Rajput community,but since childhood i like one surname so much which is among the suryanvanshi now the one whom i want to get marry is belong to this community and has the same surname which i like we both have spo much feelings for each other but due to the caste pblm my man is not able to talk in his family.I belong to upper caste (general) but not a Rajput but i do respect this community as mine because i want to be a part of this,,,,Is this so difficult in Rajputs(Rathore) to do a love marriage,,,plz help me ,,i need some positive feedback Thanks in Advance

  11. Tetiha rajput is missing. Who belongs to suryawnshi kul having kashyap gotta. ….residing up and bihar…kul delta narsingh and kul devi sati main. ….please add at respactiv place……thanks to provide such a detail list….

  12. Will some one tell whether Makwana are from Jhala clan of Rajputs. Are they really Rajputs? If yes, then which part of India they are found.

    • Kalhans ka ANG RISHI gotta hota hai.
      Ye Rajasthaan ke suryavanshi kul se hain. Mewar ke MAHARANA MOKAL Jo Ki maharana pratap se bahut pahle ke hain unki mrityu ke baad sisodiya rajputs up me shift hue. Aur waha maharaj SEHEJ SINGH ke baad Wo kalhans kahe jaane lage. Detail me dekhna Ho to OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF GONDA me ja ke history wala segment padho.

  13. Waryah also spelt as baryah, varyah,warya,barya, varya, baria, waria, varia . The King Vinaypal Waryah, who was a descendant of Vikramaditya, built the Fort Bhim Garh of Batthinda on the banks of the Sutlej in 650 CE and established his rule. This rule contained property from Bhatner,Lahore, Sarhind, Mandlik, Licchabadi, Thanesar, Bhadhaur, Dango, Peshawar, and most of Punjab including area bitween Ravi and Chenab called Sandal Baryah or Bari or Bar. This kingdom had two capitals, one at Bathinda and one at Lahore. Vinaypal’s grandson Sandal had 7 sons Lakhanpal, Rattanpal, Nainpal, Jashpal, Satpal, Gunpal, and finally Gillpal whose descendants are the various Gill Clans in Punjab. According to Malwa history the last king of this clan was Jayapal whose grandson was killed by Mahmud Ghaznavi in 1008 CE .

  14. Dear friends,

    Thakuron me kareev 500 SE jayda sub clans hai . ancient Kshatriya ko new Kshatriyo ne peeche dhakel diya hai .aur sare post par khud baith gye hai .aur apne ko suryavanshi khte hai jabki Surya ke 3rd and 5th peedi me Dangi ,raghuvanshi,raghav etc clans huyi hai Jo aaj rather me count hoti hai .aur ye sabhi vedik kaleen asli thakur hai. Aajkal ke Jo thakur hai vo 10th centuries ke hai .

  15. Rathore Rajput –The Rathore are a major Rajput clan originally descended from the Gahadvala Dynasty in Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh. At the time of the end of the British Raj in 1947 they were rulers in 14 different princely states in Marwar, Jangladesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. The largest and oldest among these was Jodhpur, in Marwar and Bikaner. The Maharaja of Jodhpur is regarded as the head of the extended Rathore clan of Hindu Rajputs. Today the clan is numerous and spread over a wide geographical area. Many Rathores have pursued successful careers in politics. At the time of Todd’s list in 1820, the Rathore clan had 24 branches, including the Barmera, Bika, Boola, Champawat, Dangi, Jaitawat, Jaitmallot, Jodha, Khabaria, Khokhar, Kotaria, Kumpawat, Mahecha, Mertiya, Pokharan, Mohania, Mopa, Randa, Sagawat, Sihamalot, Sunda, Udawat, Vanar, and Vikramayat.

    • Dear, if you want more and more real facts about chandravanshi kstriya , you may contact to Mr. Gaurav Kumar (patna-Mb-9034737223),His father Mr Surendra Singh – Aretired SO -Sachivaly ,Patna can provide you many evidence and can guide youabout it

      By Mr. jitendra Singh

  16. Mri caste saini h.. Or mne bhot suna h ki hmari caste ka kucb link h rajputo k sth. Kuch jgh mne saini caste ko suryavashi rajputs me dekha h or kuch jgh aghnivansh me.

    Han Hmari caste te chauhan gotra jrur h (101%) or hm kshatriya b h.
    Tum mjhe saini or rajputs ka link btao??

  17. Hukum……aap ye btao ki RAO bhi Rajput hote hai kya Rajasthan mein…..RAO Rajput hote h ya nhi…plz bataiye

  18. I want converted from hindu to muslim rajput list….those who are converted by muslim rulers….i read a book by thakur ishwar singh madhad….Rajput vanshavali……..your efforts was gud nd i like it that u bifercate the rajpur kuls….like suryavanshi nagvashi,somvanshi……..
    kks tomar…..Ghaziabad.

  19. i am jadeja origin but in past some unpleasent thing happed so we change jadeja to solanki

    but our kuldevi and life style still same

  20. Sab rajput ban jaayenge khaali surname ke aadhar par to phir asli rajput aur nakli rajputo ka kya hoga
    Rajput to pehle ye sabot karde ki kon asli he aur non nakli to hi unka jeewan safal ho jaayega

    Dusri baat rajput log samaj kalyaan ke naam par to 5% bhi Kaam nahi karte
    Aaj tak rajput koi shaktishali sanghtan nahi banana PAYE kyunki unhe apni shaan she aur aapsi irshya she hi fursat nahi milti
    Jo rajput pichhad gaye he unke liye to koi kary yojna aajtak Bana nahi sake
    BA’s baate karwaalo
    Jitna sc obc wale aapne jaati varg me liye large he uska 2% bhi rajput aapne samaj me liye nahi karte
    BAs badi badi dinge faakne me avval he aaj tak

  21. Sushant singh(kachwaha Rajput) purnea bihar. I am a greduate having account hons. {iti,adca}
    SURYAVANSHI proud of own

  22. Banna, plz add more about Parmar Rajputs.
    I m one of the parmars from Bihar and my family migrated from Ujjain to Bihar. Maine suna hai ki Marathi caste me ek kul hai Pawar, jinki ancestry parmar Rajputon ke sath hai.

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