Kuldevi of Rathore Rajputs Nagnechi Mata Ji

Rathore Rajput kuldevi is Nagnechi Mata Ji

Rao Doohad is said to have constructed the Nagnechi Maa (Kuldevi of Rathore) temple at the village of Nagane in Rajasthan.

ऐसा कहा जाता है की नागाणा (राजस्थान) स्थित नागणेची माता (राठौर राजपूत कुलदेवी) का मंदिर राव दूहड द्वारा बनाया गया था |

Kuldevi of Rathore Rajputs Nagnechi Mata

rathore rajput kuldevi nagnechi mata

Rathore Rajput Kuldevi Nagnechi Mata Ji

kuldevi of rathore rajputs nagnechi mata

Nagnechi Mata Ji

How to Reach Nagnechi Mata Temple

Near Jodhpur city, in the route of Barmer, there is a place called barwi road. From barwi road, it takes an hour to reach Nagana village which is situated in pachpadra tehseel. From pachpadra there one has to change its direction to village Nagana where Temple is situated.

जोधपुर से बाड़मेर रूट पर, जोधपुर शहर के पास एक जगह है बारवी रोड | वहा से नागाणा गाँव पहुचने में एक घंटा लगता है | नागाणा गाँव पचपदरा तहसील में है | पचपदरा से नागाणा गाँव की तरफ रास्ता मुड़ता है | और नागाणा में ही नागणेची माता जी बिराजे है |

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  2. Dear Mahipal singh ji Bana
    jai mataji ki
    Thanks for sharing useful details about kuldevi nagechi mataji ………Hokam

    Yogendra Singh Rathore
    Ratlam MP

  3. Hame garv hai ki ham uss kul se hai jinki kuldevi ma nagnechi mataji hai.
    Jai maa nagnechi mataji.

  4. Dear brother ,

    Mahipal singhji ,

    Jai maa Nagnechi ji,

    This is Madhukar Gase ( Rathore ) from Maharashtra , It is brought to our notice from our grant parrent that we are Rathore from MAHARANA PRATAP ” vansh” so I was looking for our Kulswamini and I got .
    Thanks to you !

  5. Jai mata Di, Banna Hukum.! This is great blog for those who don’t know about Rajputs. Please edit the blog and add more kuldevi’s, this will make more attractive because nowadays Banna dont think about this things.. Thanxs..!!

  6. Dear Mahipal Singhji,

    Jay Mataji,

    Many thanks for sharing very useful details on Nagnechi Mata Temple, Kuldevi Mata of Rathores.

    Jay Rajputana,
    Pravin Rathod

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