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Hi Jai Rajputana family, Welcome to Jai Rajputana About page. This is the place where you can know more about JaiRajputana.com, more closely. After knowing us very well you can join this family. Jai Rajputana blog has been started on 2 Dec 2012. This blog provides and deliver articles and information about Rajput and Rajputana. It is a little try to explore rajputana’s 1000 years old culture.

Jai Rajputana’s Aim ⇒

Primary aim of this blog is to explore the Rajputana’s 1000 years old culture. So it can deliver to over next generation. This blog provides and deliver articles and information related to Rajput’s and Rajputana. Like Rajputana culture, Customs, History, Kings, Warriors, Forts of rajputana, Kuldevi, Clans etc.

Blog Author – Mahipal Singh

mahipal-singhKhamma Ghani !!. This is Mahipal Singh, I manage and own JaiRajputana.com I am a young Electrical Engineering graduate guy from Jaipur. I finished my schooling in 2007 and later finished engineering in B.Tech. in 2011. I’m a very simple, truth loving, work dedicated guy. It was my dream to own a website.
JaiRajputana.com provided me one opportunity to fulfill my dream. So in Dec 2012 i launched this website.

In childhood, When first time i knew about internet and websites, i got shocked. I was in deep thought, how a person can represent himself/herself infront of world from a small room using his/her website :p. Before 2011 I didn’t know what is blog or blogging. My Blogging journey started from the incident when in 2011 i bought an internet dongle. Due to a scheme i got a [.in] domain name for free with the dongle. So after reading all instruction, i registered my first domain and it was [Sarvagunsampann.in] with DIY. I played with this domain, and i learned the first step of Blog/Website. But actually i didn’t learn so much with this domain but it was the beginning of my blogging journey. After it i registered several domains, which was totally waste of money. I played with that domains, and slowly i started to learn small things about blogging everyday. In the mid of 2012, i introduced with blogger (a free blogging platform). I started to spent several hours infront of laptop, to learn about Blogging, Blogger, WordPress. After two months, i realised that i am wasting my valuable time. So i stopped the whole blogging work. Again after 4-6 months, in the starting of 2013. I thought deeply, that blogging is not a task for everyone. Anyone can’t create/design a successful blog. That’s why i was feeling like that, that i am wasting my time in blogging. And after that moment i started blogging with full passion. I searched Google to learn the basic secrets of Blogging. I think i had registered total 25 domains approx. Among those domains finally i selected few domains. JaiRajputana.com is one of them. You guys appreciate me by joining JaiRajputana.com on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

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Comments (21)

  1. Gujarat me MAHIDA RAJPUT hai.
    Anand se kariban 3 kmki duri ek nagar hai jiska nam MOGAR hai.
    british goverment me yah GAYAKVAD STATE me aata tha.yaha par kariban 4500 family MAHIDA RAJPUT hai. hamari kul devi KHSHEM KALYANI hai.
    jo Raulaji,Chhasatiya or Mahida ki kuldevi hai.
    unka mandir Sojitra jo Anand se 40 km ki duri par hai.
    mera aapse ye saval hai ki aapne jo kuldevi ke sath
    hamare kul ya vansh ka nam darj Q nahi kiya ?
    aapse hamara nivedan hai ki aap apne hisab se tahikat karke aapki post fir update kare taki ham bhi Rajput hone ka garv le sake.

  2. Jai Ma Naganechi

    Jai Rajputana

    Rathore Ranveersingh Suryawanshi from Manawar dist. Dhar (M.P)

  3. Jay Mataji
    Jay Rajputana
    mahipalsinh you done very good work,
    keep it up
    Rathore Ranveersingh Suryawanshi from Manawar dist. Dhar (M.P)

  4. Hi,
    Firstly would appreciate the amount of effort you took gather information n write this blog.
    I have query it will be kind of you if can resolve the same – do tawar gotra belong to Rajputs if yes then which clan if no then which caste it belong to.
    Awaiting your reply

  5. Mahipalsingji, me VANOD (gujrat) se hu.maine apki web site pe padha hai ki 1435 A.D. me Rathod jodhpur se vanod aye the. To plz muze is book ka nam bhejiye.

  6. Hello, I am saandha Rajput and my gotra is Bhardwaj. My roots are from Bihar- District Arrah as I know (my great great granfather was zamindaar there). Could you help me to find my rajput clan, vansh and my Kuldevi please? I am very eager and curious to know my roots. Also, I did not see any mention of Saandha Rajput here. Please guide.


    Dear Brother i like your work…
    my self Pradhyumansinh Gohil, Koyali Vadodara, Gujarat…
    and i have also one big team of Kshatriya Yuva Sangathan, at last one year….and we have covered 22 villages…
    we have every Saturday meeting of different different villages for gives awareness programs…

    like how can we financtial strong
    how can we gain maturity, equation…etc….

    thanks for this work …
    god bless you brother….

  8. Jai rajputana jai ma bhavani
    Jai maharana partap sher singh rana jindabad bhai ji me arjun singh chauhan from muzaffarnagar (up) me kattr rajput hu rajputana ke leya jaan bhe de sakta hu mene whatsapp pr group bnaya hua j rajputana ka jes bhai ko us me add hona h plz whatsapp kro 9899161979 me cricket player hu up team se.bharat mata ki jai.

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