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Maharana Pratap Life History - Maharana of Mewar State

Posted on Jul 5, 2013 by
maharana pratap
Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Life History

Freedom lover Rajput king Maharana Pratap was born in Mewar state of Rajputana's on jyestha sudi troyodasi, sawant 1596, 31 May 1539 in Sisodiya Vansh. Mewar Maharana Udai Singh Ji and his wife Jyanta Devi was the parents of Maharana Pratap. on 28 February 1572 coronation of Maharana took place.

"अवर नृप पतशाह अगै, ह़ोय भृत जोडे हाथ,
नाथ उदेपुर न नम्यो , नम्यो न अर्बुद नाथ।"

During coronation of Maharana Pratap
All the kings stood with folded hands in his service, But only two kings, Rana Pratap of Udaipur and Maharao Surtan Singh's of Aburd Pradesh Sirohi did't bowed her head.

King Maharana Pratap Singh and Maharao Surtan being both a ruler of the state, To protect the palaces, They leave the Royal comfort and luxury and they went to the hilly forest area and wander into caverns.

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Maharao Surtan Singh ruled the Sirohi district for 5 years, But after the 5 years Akbar sent the army to attack on sirohi. Maharao lost the war, But he did not accepted dependency. He went to the mount Abu. From there by taking the chance he attacked on mugal army many time. Many time Sirohi come into his possession but later Muagal again attacked on sirohi. Finally, he re organized his army and attacked on Mughal army, He killed the mugal army officer Syed Hakim and he gain the possession of sirohi district again.
haldighati war
Haldighati War
Img credit: Google
The Haldighati war was began by Maharana Pratap and Mughals. Dated 18 October 1583 Rao Surtan Singh come down from Mount Abu, and at the famous place Dttnai, He attacked on Mughals, Thus Rao Surtan Singh was helping the Maharana Pratap to resist the Mughals.

In fact, Mararao Surtan Singh was gathering the army of Bhil and Garasion tribal at the mountains of Pindwara, Vasntgarh and ABu. Maharao continuously attacking on Mughal army using Guerilla warfare at the valleys of Gogunda of pindwara mountain ways. Mughal army was going to attack on Mewar by using the route of valleys of Gogunda.

Maharana Pratap war with an army of Emperor Akbar in the Haldighati field, then the Maharao Surtan Singh Devda drove out Emperor Akbar's army from the Datrani battlefield.

Maharana Pratap fought with the Mughals continued life and did not accepted submission, so also its 51 year life span Maharao Surtan does 52 wars.

"इक्यावन बरस जीवियो बनाढ , जीतो निज बावन महाराड़ "

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